Welcome to NiskyPTO

Each PTO has its own email list that you may subscribe to. The organizations below use Buzzable, powered by Sendy.

Note: The district also has a mailing list called School News Notifier (SNN). SNN is operated by the superintendent's office and sends district-wide email pertaining to time-critical events (snow days, cancellation of after school activities, etc), events related to the school board (budget information, etc), and official notifications from the school district (school lunch program, meetings with superintendent, etc.). 

Although SNN has mailing lists for each school, those mailing lists are rarely utilized. Buzzable is mainly used for routine school-specific information by the PTO, FOM, and a few other district-endorsed organizations. Additionally, the superintendent's office may also use Buzzable to maximize coverage of important district-wide information. Accordingly, a person subscribed to both SNN and Buzzable may get duplicate emails for some information, but rarely for school-specific information.